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Donations to STOP the Recall

National Republicans have found their latest scheme to rile up the Trump base and try to stop California’s efforts to fight the pandemic – recalling Governor Gavin Newsom. Rather than supporting California’s recovery from the pandemic, Republicans are choosing to shift the focus and attention away from those who need it the most. Fueled by a partisan, Republican coalition of anti-maskers, anti-vaxxers, anti-immigrant, QAnon conspiracy theorists and Trump supporters – the recall is funded by the RNC and many national Republicans.

The San Francisco Chronicle wrote that the recall is “bankrolled by wealthy mega-donors and national Republicans,” with the Republican National Committee giving $250,000 to help the effort qualify. Instead of fighting COVID-19, national Republicans are attacking Californians. In fact, the recall is estimated to cost taxpayers $215 million.

Stop the Republican Recall

1787 Tribute Rd Suite K

Sacramento CA 95815


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