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Welcome to the official website of the Santa Cruz County Democratic Party! We hope you use our online community to access all of your local Democratic needs.  Without question, we are at a defining moment in our nation’s history.  With the election of Democrats throughout the state and our community,  we have the power and ability to enact positive change. Together, we can focus on placing our communities back on track and bringing forth the ultimate Democratic principal:  that every American, regardless of background, can improve their lives and the lives of others through hard work and service to their community. We hope you join us in this endeavor.  - Coco Raner-Walter

About Us

California State law requires every county to have a Central Committee for each political party. The official title in Santa Cruz County is the Santa Cruz County Democratic Central Committee, also referred to as SCCDCC or DCC. This is the local governing body that works in concert with the California Democratic Party. Membership consists of local Democrats committed to supporting Democratic ideals, issues, and candidates on local, state and national levels. Each Central Committee member is elected for four year terms by the voters in each of the five Supervisorial Districts in Santa Cruz County in every primary election. All Santa Cruz County registered Democrats are eligible to run for these seats and may apply prior to each primary election by completing the required forms at the Santa Cruz County Elections Office.


Our Mission
  • Identify, encourage and support Democrats who choose to run for public office in Santa Cruz County;

  • Conduct Democratic voter registration drives;

  • Increase voter turnout at the polls; and

  • Sponsor activities designed to educate and inform the community on current political issues.

  • The DCC also charters local Democratic Clubs that organize educational and social events to increase interest and involvement in Democratic issues.


Our People

There are currently twenty-two elected members from the following Supervisorial Districts:

  • District 1: Five (5) member seats

  • District 2: Five (5) member seats

  • District 3: Five (5) member seats

  • District 4: Two (2) member seats

  • District 5: Five (5) member seats


In addition, there are Ex Officio members, who are Elected Democrats whose State Senate, the State Assembly, and Congressional Districts are within Santa Cruz County boundaries. Both members and Ex Officio members may appoint alternates who may vote if the member is not present. In the event a vacancy occurs between primary elections, notices of the vacancy are made public (including on this website) and registered Democrats who reside in that Supervisorial district may apply for the vacant seat. New members are always welcome and bring new ideas and vitality to the organization.




Our Bylaws
Santa Cruz County Democratic Central Committee


The Galleria Building

740 Front Street, Suite 165

Santa Cruz, CA
Phone: 831-427-2516


Mailing Address
PO Box 7763
Santa Cruz, CA 95061


We’d love to hear from you!

Santa Cruz County Democratic Party

740 Front Street, Suite #165

Santa Cruz, CA 95060



Mailing Address:

P.O. BOX 7763

Santa Cruz, CA 95061

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