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 About Us 

A Message from Our Chairperson 


I am honored and humbled to be elected as DCC Chair for these next two years. We're excited about a new administration, Senate majority, and Californians like Xavier Becerra and Alex Padilla moving up into national leadership. Our job at ground level is to grow our strength locally, get Democrats elected, and have an impact on helping people develop their power to make a difference.


My background in community change is based on relational organizing. This means that people finding common ground, shared values, and reciprocity is the basis for building power.  Think about it: for most of us, we get active because someone we trust asks us to get involved. You and I can only do so much as individuals, but when we work together in durable relationships, we become more powerful. 


For all we love about Santa Cruz County, we share many challenges and difficult problems. Whether your passion is around housing, health care, education, immigration rights, climate change, racial justice, LGBTQ+ equality, the status of women, working families, voting rights, or any other, we know that all those issues are connected. Whatever your entry point is, here among local Democrats you'll not only find people who share that motivation, but you'll also help build community and find new ways to work together.


We move forward together. I look forward to working with you.

 - Andrew Goldenkranz (he, him)

About Us

California State law requires every county to have a Central Committee for each political party. The official title in Santa Cruz County is the Santa Cruz County Democratic Central Committee, also referred to as SCCDCC or DCC. This is the local governing body that works in concert with the California Democratic Party. Membership consists of local Democrats committed to supporting Democratic ideals, issues, and candidates on local, state and national levels. Each Central Committee member is elected for four year terms by the voters in each of the five Supervisorial Districts in Santa Cruz County in every primary election. All Santa Cruz County registered Democrats are eligible to run for these seats and may apply prior to each primary election by completing the required forms at the Santa Cruz County Elections Office.


Our Mission

  • Identify, encourage and support Democrats who choose to run for public office in Santa Cruz County;

  • Conduct Democratic voter registration drives;

  • Increase voter turnout at the polls; and

  • Sponsor activities designed to educate and inform the community on current political issues.

  • The DCC also charters local Democratic Clubs that organize educational and social events to increase interest and involvement in Democratic issues.


Our People


There are currently twenty-one elected members from the following Supervisorial Districts:

  • District 1: Five (5) member seats

  • District 2: Four (4) member seats

  • District 3: Five (5) member seats

  • District 4: Two (2) member seats

  • District 5: Five (5) member seats


In addition, there are Ex Officio members, who are Elected Democrats whose State Senate, the State Assembly, and Congressional Districts are within Santa Cruz County boundaries. Both members and Ex Officio members may appoint alternates who may vote if the member is not present. In the event a vacancy occurs between primary elections, notices of the vacancy are made public (including on this website) and registered Democrats who reside in that Supervisorial district may apply for the vacant seat. New members are always welcome and bring new ideas and vitality to the organization.

District 1 (representing the cities and areas of Live Oak, Soquel, the Summit area, Santa Cruz Gardens, and Carbonera)

Keith Gudger - alt Dean Walker

Joe Hall – alt Jeanne Allen 

Edward Estrada -- alt Lani Faulkner

Tony Russomanno – alt Debby Luhrman

Adam Spickler – alt Karen Darling

District 2 (representing Aptos, La Selva Beach, Corralitos, Freedom, and portions of both Capitola and Watsonville)

Rene Bloch – alt OPEN

Adele Gardner – alt Pat Manning

Gigi Kelbert – alt  OPEN

Rachel Williams - alt Yvette Brooks

District 3 (representing Davenport, Bonny Doon, the North Coast of Santa Cruz County,

as well as a significant portion of the city of Santa Cruz, including the University of California, Santa Cruz campus)

Akin Babatola – alt Bodie Shargell

Cyndi Dawson - alt Ayo Banjo

Stacey Falls - alt Joseph Thompson

Diana Alfaro – alt Rafa Sonnenfeld

Cynthia Mathews – alt Gabriela Trigueiro

District 4 (representing most of the city of Watsonville as well as the surrounding unincorporated areas of the Pajaro Valley)​

Celeste Gutierrez – alt Vanessa Quiroz-Carter

Jenni Veitch-Olson – alt OPEN

District 5 (representing the San Lorenzo Valley, Santa Cruz Mountains, the city of Scotts Valley, portions of the city of Santa Cruz,

as well as the faculty housing portion of the University of California, Santa Cruz campus)

Gwen Chiaramonte - alt Lou Chiaramonte 

Glenn Glazer – alt  Wendy Harris

Linda Kerner – alt Tim Willoughby

Rae Spencer-Hill - alt Alina Layng

Coco Raner-Walter – alt Carolyn Livingston

Elected Officials and their alternates: 

Congresswoman District 18 - Zoe Lofgren - alt TBA

Congressman District 19 - Jimmy Panetta - alt Emmanuel Garcia

State Senator John Laird - alt Jonathan Engleman

State Assembly District 28 - Gail Pellerin - alt Peggy Flynn

State Assembly District 29 - Robert Rivas - alt TBA

State Assembly District 30 - Dawn Addis - alt Andrew Goldenkranz

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