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Climate Crisis Informational Websites

Links mentioned at the Climate Crisis Discussion of 3/12/22 are posted below:

High Equity Stakes in California’s Solar Fight

Maintain Net Metering for the Benefit of Low-Income Renters

An open letter to the NRDC, Board of Trustees.

Please stand with ONSITE-SOLAR and NOT the ALEC and the monopoly IOUs.

California Local Solar Roadmap: Why Sustainable Growth in Local Solar Can Save California Ratepayers Over $120 Billion

Summary Results - July 2021

The Utility "Cost Shift" Fallacy:

The accounting methods behind the utilities' claims about rooftop solar

The Climate Center: California Rising: Fighting Fire, Finding Water, and Charting a Renewable Future through Offshore Wind (with US State Senator John Laird)

The California Democratic Party Platform 2022


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